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Picasso's etchings arrive at the Niemeyer Centre

The exhibition Eternal Etchings brings together the facet of the great genius from Malaga as an etcher.

Picasso was the great multidisciplinary artist of the 20th century, embracing disciplines such as painting, sculpture, ceramics... Etching was one of his passions, and this exhibition shows the very high degree of artistic excellence he achieved.

The exhibition
Eternal Etchings shows one of the few complete series in the world of Suite Vollard, a masterpiece of 20th century printmaking. To this series, made up of a hundred works, we can add the twelve engravings of The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, the nine that make up the series of Les Cavaliers d'Ombre and four more engravings: Portrait of Dora Maar (1939), Woman in the Armchair (1947), Head of a Girl. Françoise (1974) and Jaqueline Black Scarf in Red Dress (1958). Finally, the exhibition is completed with several cards of the artist and books of bibliophile.

The series Suite Vollard (1930-1937), consists of 97 engravings by Picasso and three by Ambroise Vollard. This was commissioned by Vollard himself as an exchange of works, in which Picasso would add to his personal collection works by great artists such as Pual Cézanne, Edgar Degas or Henri Matisse. Experts divide this series into seven thematic groups: The Sculptor's Studio, The Minotaur, The Blind Minotaur, Rembrandt, The Battle of Love, various themes and the three engravings by Amboise Vollard.

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz is a series of thirteen engravings part of a collection that Picasso published as a last declaration of love to the Spanish pictorial tradition and with a poem/prologue by his friend Rafael Alberti. Les Cavaliers d'Ombre illustrates the book by Geneviève Laporte, composed of poems written between 1951 and 1953.

Image: Pablo PICASSO, Escultor reposando ante un joven jinete. March 30th 1933. 19,3 x 26,8 cm. Etching on paper. Suite Vollard nº 55. Watermark: Picasso. © Galería Elvira González.